🔧Uboot Recovery for Mac

Uboot Recovery works for the following use cases:

1. If your Spider router is stuck on a solid green light.

2. If your Spider router is not showing an ethernet connection on laptop/PC.

3. If your Spider router is not showing SpiderVPN (2.4G)/(5.8G) Wi-Fi signals.

4. If the ethernet connection on laptop/PC keeps connecting and disconnecting.

5. If you're not able to access the page.

How to Uboot Recover your Spider Router:

Step 1

Head over to the latest download

Select the correct firmware according to your router. Either Latest SpiderLite Router Firmware or Latest SpiderPRO Router Firmware. Clicking on one of those two options will take you to our downloads page where you can download the firmware file by clicking on it (marked red in the picture below)

Step 2

Disconnect your laptop/PC from the ISP internet.

Step 3

Connect ethernet cable from laptop/PC’s LAN port to the First Yellow LAN port on the Spider Router.

Step 4

Remove the WAN cable from the Blue port on the Spider Router.

Step 5

Now you must only have the Spider router connected to your laptop/PC.

Step 6

Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Step 7

Click on Network.

Step 8

From the sidebar, click on the active interface through which you are connected to Spider Router. For example USB-C Lan or Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

Step 9

Click on Advanced on the bottom right.

Step 10

Select TCP/IP.

Step 11

Click on Configure IPv4 menu and select Manually.

Step 12

Enter the following details and click Ok and then Apply.

IPv4 Address:

Subnet Mask:


Step 13

Remove the power cable from your Spider Router.

Step 14

Press and keep holding the reset button on the router then Connect the power cable to the router. Hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds more and then release the reset button.

Step 15

Wait for the Spider Router to boot up again. Open any browser and navigate to Click on the Chinese Icon. Browse and select your downloaded file and click on Open.

Step 16

Wait for the firmware to be flashed.

Step 17

Connect the ethernet cable from your ISP router to the Blue WAN port on Spider Router.

Step 18

Navigate to and activate the router with client area login details and you’re done!

Select your desired location and enjoy seamless SpiderVPN!

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