🗔 Setup instructions for Windows

Setup instructions for Windows.

Step 1

Head Over to https://spidervpn.org and hit on Portal (if you don’t have an account 1st you must register) (As seen below) Or you can skip to Step 2 if you already have an account.

Step 2

Log in with your email and password (As seen Below)

Step 3

Once Logged in Click on Services (As seen Below)

Step 4

Click on your service (As seen Below)

Step 5

Scroll down to the page and select the VPN Location you would like to connect to and then enter your client area password. (As seen Below)

Step 6

Hit On Download and save the file to the location where you can find it for later in this guide (As seen Below)

Step 7

Open the following link on any browser to download the WireGuard app.

Step 8

Once downloaded you can run the Install file by double-clicking on it, make sure you allow the setup to make changes to your device. (as seen below)

Step 9

Right-click on the Wireguard Icon on the taskbar of your PC then choose ”Pin to taskbar” (as seen below)

Step 10

Click on the Import tunnel(s) from the file:

Step 11

Choose the Wireguard File we downloaded earlier. (in our demonstration it was called Germany-details.config this will vary from each location)

Step 12

Once selected the file you can then hit activate and start the VPN

Step 13

Check out https://whatsmyip.com/ to confirm you have an internet connection and your IP has changed

Step 14

Please Note: Multiple Devices Can not Connect to the same VPN Tunnel Location in order to do this you would need a 2nd VPN Subscription.