🗔 Setup instructions for Windows

Setup instructions for Windows.

Step 1

Head Over to and hit on Portal (if you don’t have an account 1st you must register) (As seen below) Or you can skip to Step 2 if you already have an account.

Step 2

Log in with your email and password (As seen Below)

Step 3

Once Logged in Click on Services (As seen Below)

Step 4

Click on your service (As seen Below)

Step 5

Scroll down to the page and select the VPN Location you would like to connect to and then enter your client area password. (As seen Below)

Step 6

Hit On Download and save the file to the location where you can find it for later in this guide (As seen Below)

Step 7

Open the following link on any browser to download the WireGuard app.

Step 8

Once downloaded you can run the Install file by double-clicking on it, make sure you allow the setup to make changes to your device. (as seen below)

Step 9

Right-click on the Wireguard Icon on the taskbar of your PC then choose ”Pin to taskbar” (as seen below)

Step 10

Click on the Import tunnel(s) from the file:

Step 11

Choose the Wireguard File we downloaded earlier. (in our demonstration it was called Germany-details.config this will vary from each location)

Step 12

Once selected the file you can then hit activate and start the VPN

Step 13

Check out to confirm you have an internet connection and your IP has changed

Step 14

Please Note: Multiple Devices Can not Connect to the same VPN Tunnel Location in order to do this you would need a 2nd VPN Subscription.