📚How to Setup the Spider Router

How to set up the Spider Router Text Version.

In this guide we will walk you through how to setup your Spider Router.

Step 1

Take the SpiderConnect Router and its components out of the box

Step 2

Carefully screw in the antennas in the respective points.

Step 3

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Blue WAN port and Connect the other end of the cable to your ISPs - Internet Service Provider’s router or modem.

Step 4

Connect the power cable to the router.

Step 5

Flashing LEDs indicate that the router has power and is trying to connect to the internet. You can use the LAN ports to connect your personal devices using the ethernet cable or simply connect to Wi-Fi with your mobile devices.

Step 6

Open your wireless connection panel, where you will see two new networks. Click on one of them and input the password provided on the router box (Spider290).

Step 7

Open up your default internet browser and type the following text into the URL box to Activate your router: or connect.spidervpn.org

Step 8

Input your account’s email and password and hit the Activate button.

Step 9

You can toggle the VPN on or off here. Once you click on the toggle, it will show you a list of available servers to connect to. Click the one you desire and it will connect to it. You can disable the VPN by clicking the toggle again. Or simply click on SELECT LOCATION.

Step 10

We highly recommend that you change your WiFi password as soon as possible. Please do that as shown here. You can also change your WiFi’s name i.e. SSID.

Step 11

Enjoy the seamless experience of SpiderVPN!

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